Analytical Industries Inc. GPR-1500 AIS-LD PPM Oxygen Analyzer

Industrial gas analyzer used to measure oxygen concentrations in the 0-10,000 parts per million (ppm) range. From 100 PPB to 1%, -10°C to 45°C operating range, 1-5VDC signal output.
The GPR-1500 utilizes a Lead Doped Tin Dioxide semiconductor sensor to detect and measure oxygen levels. AIS-LD stands for Advanced Industrial Spec Series - Lead Doped sensor type. Measures oxygen in gas streams and backgrounds down to 10 ppm levels. The upper range can be up to 10,000 ppm. Response time of 90% in less than 10 seconds. Designed for continuous online oxygen monitoring in a variety of industrial applications. Analog and digital signal output options for interfacing with control systems. Temperature controlled oven and gas filters for accurate measurements. Alarm relay contacts for fault indication. Explosion-proof (XP) enclosures available for hazardous areas.