ABB Vortex Flowmeter, 4in

SKU: FSV430.F3.R1.F100R0.A1.A1.B1.M4-L1.SP0
4-inch line size vortex flow meter from ABB with capability for remote transmitter mounting away from the sensor body for convenient access. Used for flow measurement of high-pressure steam, gases, and fluids.
Uses vortex shedding phenomenon to measure flow rate without any moving parts. Suitable for liquids, gases, steam applications. No pressure drop. Flanged end connections allow installation in pipeline. Remote mount enables easy access to the transmitter for wiring and configuration away from the sensor. Transmitter housing can be mounted up to 10m away from the sensor. Provides analog (4-20mA) and digital (HART) output of flow rate. ANSI 150.