ABB FCB150 Coriolis Meter, 1in, ANSI 150, Modbus

SKU: FCB150-025-0002
Advanced ABB Coriolis mass flow meter with 1”-line size and 150 lb. flanges that uses the Modbus protocol to digitally communicate precise real-time mass flow data to control systems.
The FCB150 uses the Coriolis force principle to directly measure mass flow rate of liquids and gases. This model has 1-inch pipeline size with ANSI 150 lb. inlet/outlet flange connections. Modbus communication protocol enables digital flow data output for remote monitoring. Provides direct mass flow measurement along with fluid density and temperature. High accuracy up to 0.1% of rate for precise process control. Fast response time - outputs flow changes in real-time. Rugged stainless-steel construction for industrial environments.